Web Rez 3

Finishing your site

What you're doing:

  1. Finalizing home page, including typefaces, colors, background. (You should have created and linked your navigation bar in Web 2.)

  2. Creating and editing individual pages, following guidelines below.

  3. Uploading content to the web and troubleshooting any problems

Due: 10 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 6. If your website is not complete by 10 a.m., your site will not be available for peer critique.

  1. Open your index.html file

  2. Close all other pages (e.g., about.html, resume.html, links.html)

  3. Be SURE it's what you want – colors, fonts, navigation

  4. Then choose "File," "Save As..."
    • about.html
    • Go to the code and change Title to LastName - About Me
    • "File," "Save"

  5. Then choose "File," "Save As..."
    • resume.html
    • Choose "Format," "Page Title and Properties"
    • Go to the code and change Title to LastName - Resume
    • "File," "Save"

  6. Then choose "File," "Save As..."
    • links.html
    • Go to the code and change Title to LastName - Links
    • "File," "Save"

  7. You now can open all four pages in Dreamweaver and start adding specialized content to each.
    Be sure to pay attention to which file you are working in as you edit!

  8. Web pages should not link to themselves, so you need to open each page and remove the hyperlink for that page in the nav bar.

    For example, in the Home page, remove the link to Home. You also could change the color of that cell so it is clear to the user what page they are on in your site.

Questions? Shoot Dr. Wiesinger an email (swiesinger@csuchico.edu) or go to office hours